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Is it really possible to help our friends and relatives to get jobs in the UK? This is the question I get asked 100 times a day. My answer is: ‘There are two things that make Filipinos attractive to UK employers. One, you are able to speak English, and two, you are likely to have qualifications and skills that are valued in the UK.’


We have been helping overseas workers find jobs in the UK for many years now, including large numbers of healthcare staff. Planning ahead is very important. If you do not know the system, it can be a lengthy, costly and complicated procedure to try to bring people to the UK. If you plan properly, the process is much smoother. This also helps avoid spending lots of valuable time and money going down the wrong roads. You will find that UK agencies give a lot of useful information and updates on job vacancies. Find out all you can about working in the UK and read books like HOW 2 Come to the UK to Legally Live, Work, Study or Visit. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !


Analyse your own background: Identify all your skills and educational background and make sure you have documents to prove these. Detailed employment references really help in evaluating your case.
Create a detailed CV: Make sure you identify all your qualifications, skills and full employment experience, as all of it may be relevant.
If you are a graduate: Apply for NARIC Assessment to verify the UK equivalence of your qualifications. You can apply to NARIC direct for the assessment or through Overseas Consultancy Services (
Wait until you have all your documentation: Once you have all the documents you need, including proof of identity (passport, birth certificate etc), work out the right job and sector to match your skills. (If you are an experienced accountant, stick to accounting rather than apply for a caregiver job.)


First impressions are very important: Make sure you have your full profile and documents together before approaching a potential employer.
To find a job, you can: Visit UK websites which list vacancies; tell your friends and relatives you are looking and ask them to recommend you for any job you are suitable for. Alternatively, you can approach agencies, who have a register of job vacancies. They can help you find an employer and job relevant to your qualifications and experience.
Be Flexible: Don’t limit your opportunities by saying ‘I only want to work in London,’ or ‘I will only look at this or that type of work’. If it’s your first time working overseas you need to be open-minded and take every chance to ‘learn the ropes’. This will show employers that you are committed and worth it.
Be Straightforward: Don’t say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ or ‘maybe’. Employers will appreciate it much more if you say what your real thoughts are, rather than saying you’re interested and then not turning up to start work!
Be Positive and Relevant: At interview, this is your one chance to get the job. Focus on promoting your skills, qualifications and achievements. Remember, your employer is not so interested in your personal circumstances as in how you are going to perform the tasks required.
Be Patient: As Tony McNulty, Minister for Immigration Citizenship and Nationality, commented last year, “nobody has the absolute right to come to this country to work or study”


When you get a Job Offer: Great, you’ve got a Job Offer. But now you need a Work Permit, so please don’t waste your chance, do it properly. Consult a Registered Immigration Adviser for help with your Work Permit. Remember, your aunt may be very willing to help but she is not necessarily the best qualified person unless she has passed the Immigration Exams!


Full and Complete Documentation: If you take one thing from this article, I hope it is that, full and complete documentation is so important to your chances of success. Far better to have TOO MUCH paperwork than TOO LITTLE.

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